The State membership meeting of the Socialist Party of Michigan was covered by News 25 in Michigan.
Party members were interviewed and discussed future Socialist Party activities in the state.
Eastern Maine socialists met on Monday November 28th at the Brewer Public Library. The meeting was called by Eastern Main SPUSA Organizer 
Tom MacMillan. SPUSA Members and not-yet party members had discussion on working to resist the Trump agenda and build the SPUSA. Everyone left with SP literature and buttons and an idea what the SP is all about. Future meeting are planned.

Members of the SP of Southern Maine showed up in support of a student organized rally against the bigotry and racism of Governor LePage, a governor who is right at home in President-Elect Trump's America. It was very inspirational to see high school students take initiative in organizing their community around having their political voice heard. Solidarity with the inheritors of our future!

Socialist Party member (and former Co-Chair) Jerry Levy recently came to vist the Northern NJ Local and SP National Office to perform "The Third Coming: Marx Returns". Plays were held in Montclair NJ and New York City. Jerry brought out good crowds and great conversations after the play. 

Jerry will be visiting other Locals soon!
The Indy local and the socialist party's presidential candidate Mimi Soltysik spent a weekend campaigning for a democratic socialist future in Indianapolis. Soltysik and his comrades engaged working class people through tabling at Indianapolis Pagan Pride, speaking at Robin Run Retirement Village, and having a community discussion at a local Chinese buffet regarding fighting capitalism and building a future worthy of our dreams.
The Socialist Party USA Northern Piedmont local had their annual picnic this September, in continuation of a decades-long tradition.  Members and non-members alike came from all over the state to enjoy some good food and great comradery at Guilford Mackintosh marina.

From Local Chair Miguel Del Torel "This is the result of direct action: a whole room full of clothes, shoes, food and supplies in just one day provided solely by the people to the victims of Arson in Pilsen! We served two of the families affected by fire and we are working to find housing for them and the others. We will be collecting again tomorrow at the YMCA on (2700 S. Western) from 10am-4pm with Pilsen United, Pilsen Alliance and Pilsen Neighborhood Group and will also continue to organize donation drives in the near future. Direct Action gets the Goods! Shout out to our comrade Meg for coming out!"
The rent keeps going up, wages are stagnating, and gentrification is tearing apart our community at the seams. It's time to fight back. 

The Chicgo Socialist Party joined Chicago housing justice activists in the Renters Day of Action on Thursday September 22nd,
The Socialist Party USA National Office hosted members and supporters from the NYC and New Jersey area on Sunday September 18th. The afternoon meeting was a great opportunity for member to get to know each other as well as to share ideas. Workshops included a recap of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers Fair Food Campaign, coalition building and the Brazilian Landless Workers Movement (MST)
SPUSA members and supporters met in the basement of the Martin Luther King Memorial Library in Washington DC to discuss organizing a Socialist Party Local. The discussion focused on different theoretical and organizational issues.

The group went out to eat after and we hold another organizing meeting soon.