Passed by the SP USA National Action Committee

The following statement is made by the Socialist Party USA in solidarity with the water protectors fighting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, American Indians, and Indigenous Peoples everywhere.

The Standing Rock Sioux Reservation of North Dakota, and thousands of their allies, have united to stand up against the corporation, Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), who threatens their natural water source, the Missouri River, and sacred cultural sites with plans to build a 1,172 mile long oil pipeline that crosses three other states, dubbed the *Dakota Access Pipeline.*

According to the news agency, Reuters, a subsidiary of ETP has had more oil spills/leaks than ANY of its competitors, and is tasked to be the operator of this project. This pipeline has the risk to leak into the Missouri river and poison the water supply of the reservation and all forms of life downstream.”[1]

As conflict around the construction of the DAPL continues, President Obama has stated, “the path of the pipeline can be diverted to avoid Native American sacred sites.[2]” However, we condemn ANY further
pipeline building.

“The Socialist Party recognizes the right of all people to equal treatment under the law, and to a humane criminal sanction system based on prevention, mediation, restitution, and rehabilitation rather than on vengeance, forced labor, and profits for the prison-industrial complex.[3]”

We read the high number of arrests and the exaggerated sentences (45 years and felonies for trespassing and conspiracy charges) to be an act of desperation by the law enforcement officers of a criminal justice system acting erroneously under the pressure that weighs upon those choosing to defend capital, rather than humanity.

The Socialist Party USA’s Platform also calls for public ownership and democratic control of all natural resources in order to conserve resources, preserve wilderness areas, and restore environmental quality. It also calls for the development of alternative energy sources including solar, geothermal, wind, hydropower, and biomass to end dependence on fossil fuels.

The American Indian Student Association asks you to support the people of Standing Rock and protect the environment. Consider the role the Lakota and other tribes at Standing Rock are playing as it asks people to consider that water is life—not only in the global environmental sense which cautions the need to preserve this as a resource for people of the future—but also that in this immediate moment water is living, is a part of our bodies, is life.

Love water, not oil!



[1] Thanks to the Central American United Students Association at Cal State Northridge for their input on this statement.

[2] http://fusion.net/story/365107/obama-dapl-standing-rock-rerouting/

[3] http://socialistparty-usa.net/platform.html



11/08/2016 3:44am

This post is very heartwarming. We should take care of our natural resources because we couldn't live without it. Imagine the next generation with scarce resources and minerals. We should not make that happen. I will continue to advocate water protection because we share the same vision.

11/24/2016 6:15am

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Matthew Tafoya
11/08/2016 7:27am

Freddy Cabral
11/21/2016 7:01am

I'm thankful the Socialist Party giving attention into the fight that Native American Nation are face daily with our colonizers. It's a very heartbreaking issue the United States of America depend to much on fossil foil and side with those companies that are destroying our planet and breaking every environmental law and laws.

11/22/2016 10:16am

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