Passed by the National Action Commission 11/24/2015

From the SPUSA Statement of Principles. “We recognize the right of self-defense in the face of attacks; we also support non-violent direct action in combating oppression.”

The recent attacks in Paris have gathered world-wide media coverage and spawned public outrage. They have been called "attack[s] on the civilized world", but in reality civilized people have suffered from a continued onslaught of military violence--and not primarily that of ISIS.

Thousands of civilians have been killed by US and Russian air strikes in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Millions are now being threatened by politicians who promote vengeance while the US continues its practice of funneling military aid to some of the same forces who claim credit for or inspire events, like the ones in Paris.

In the US, xenophobic governors and other politicians are blaming Syrian refugees for the ongoing violence. Their fear-inducing rhetoric fails to encompass a broader reality, which is that the US and its allies have perpetrated far greater crimes against humanity through military force.
Moreover, incessant operations conducted by Western-led coalitions around the world continue to fuel the fervor of reactionary extremism like that seen in Paris, Beirut, and elsewhere.

In order to end this trend of global violence, we call for the immediate cessation of US military operations around the Middle East, in Afghanistan, and elsewhere. We also call on all people to boldly resist imperialist violence and support people's right of self-determination, particularly among Kurdish self defense forces such as the YPG and YPJ, whose ambition to defend an egalitarian society and economy has remained under threat by both ISIS and US allies. Furthermore, we call on all nations to provide havens for refugees and create spaces where those displaced by war can live safely and with dignity.