The Socialist Party has endorsed the National Renter's Day of Action on September 22nd as part of the Housing Justice/Anti-Gentrification campaign. 

The Party encourages all Locals to take part in an action and to report back to the next Housing Justice/Anti-Gentrifcation phone conference. More info: click here 


08/17/2016 2:41am

awesome information buddy. thank you for this ! :)

08/17/2016 10:05pm

Today many house owners are raising rents to their home renters. This is really burden to the middle class people. They paid most of their salary to their home rents. This is really good cause to fight against the home rents and get the justice.

08/18/2016 6:55am

Thanks to publish this report. I am very keen to read such kinds of information. I am thinking to visit their office and meat with manager because i have a plan about managing campaign.


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08/22/2016 11:40am

Tell us more about this research, please. I am so excited about it. Nice post.

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10/11/2016 1:24am

I dont know about this event, can you tell me about this event? Cause I want to know more information about this event.


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