Jen McClellan and George Pacatte from the Los Angeles Local made the trek down to Balboa Park in San Diego for an all day event called, "Teaching Positive Alternatives to Trump: A Teach-In for Activism and Resistance." The panels they attended included: Healthcare for Everyone, Alternate Economics, Debt Resistance within Capitalism, and Restorative Justice. Jen McClellan spoke on the panel titled: "Labor in
Crisis: Historical perspectives and preparing to fight in the Trump Era" about her frustrating experience trying to organize under the top down leadership of the UAW 4123. She also strongly advocated for revolutionary unionism. Joining her were Lydia Wood and Bo Elder who added historical knowledge and their own experiences with business unionism in the same UAW local. These three were joined by Norma Brown who detailed how she and her fellow Mexican workers formed a bottom up union in their company which provides trilingual interpreting services between Spanish, English, and American Sign Language speakers. After the closing plenary which featured Ernie McCray's poetry, Jen and George shared a meal with students from Morocco, former California Student Union organizers, Debt Collective organizers, and others. Keep doing that good community building work, comrades!


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