On August 21st, the Socialist Party of New Jersey (SPNJ) and Green Party of New Jersey (GPNJ) co-sponsored a "Politics Beyond the Two Party System" event in Oakhurst, NJ. The event was a continuation of the Politics Beyond the Two Party System panel sponsored and run by both parties at the 2016 NJ People's Summit.

Speakers included GPNJ Chair Julie Saporito, SPUSA Co-Chair Pat Noble, Paul Sliker, and Alan Schulman from Democracy at Work. The keynote speaker was Powerline founder Jesse Chen.

Along with speeches and breakout workshops, a mock presidential election was held using various voting methods (single vote, instant runoff voting, scoring, etc.) to show attendees how voting can be more involved and democratic.

Local performer Jim Clerico played during the social hour and the event was finished with a concert by David Rovics.


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