On Saturday March 12th, the Memphis chapter of the Socialist Party USA held our bi-monthly General Meeting, the theme of which was “Beyond Bernie: Socialism in Memphis.” Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has re-popularized the term “democratic socialism,” capitalizing on the decades of socialist grassroots organizing that have kept radical democratic socialism aflame. However, as much as his campaign has destigmatized the term, it has equally mystified it. As such, the Memphis Local hosted a public meeting to engage our 
members, Bernie Sanders supporters, and anyone curious about what democratic socialism actually means in theory and in practice. We had an awesome turnout: over 30 people attended, many of whom were not yet in the party. Some members traveled to Memphis for the event from as far as Jackson, MS! Other new faces found out about the meeting by word of mouth, internet search, or blog post. We had a lively, challenging, and productive conversation and signed up several new members! We look forward to engaging our new members and the public in the ongoing work of democratic socialism here in Memphis.


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