Chicago May Day


May day in the home of may day, chicago once again shows off its radical colors this year. 

Organized mainly by the local IWW, this year's march and rally was a group effort with a multi group "radical coalition". The local Chicago Socialist Party was just one of the groups helping organize the day's events in the "radical coalition". The CSP was joined by FURIE(feminist uprising to resist inequality and exploitation), American Party of Labor, Chicago Torture Justice memorials, Black Lives Matter Chicago, and Food Not Bombs Pilsen. 

The day started at 2:30 with the coalition along with many others from around the city convening in Union Park. The IWW handed out black and red bandanas and flags to anyone interested. Once things were set, the participants marched down Ashland to the nearby Mexican consulate where several speakers said their piece about the injustice of the disappeared students. From there the March made its way to Pilsen's Plaza Tenochtitlan on 18th and Blue Island for a brief stop. Among those who took the chance to make drum up rally cries on top of the statue in the center of the plaza was our very own Calvin Curtiss. 

After the quick breather, it was a long trek to the Cook County Courthouse and jail on 26th and California, the largest on site jail in the country. Once there, Food Not Bombs Pilsen provided the marchers a well deserved meal, free of charge. As many took the chance to rest for a while, TV crews seized the opportunity and began interviewing attendees. Among those interviewed was local co-chair Miguel DT for Fox Chicago News and Univision. There was then an open mic for anyone to share a quick speech or statements. Local CSP secretary Fernando Contreras was one of those to deliver a speech with the overall theme being state repression and racism. Activities resumed once ralliers were fed and rested with a noise demonstration outside the jail to express solidarity with all those being held within the walls of one of the most wretched detention centers in the US. The day's events concluded shortly after a noise demo across the street at the women's jail, part of the same jail.


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