The Memphis Socialist Party had an informational table at this year’s Gandhi-King Conference this year. Brooke Shannon (MSP Co-chair) and Sara Free (MSP Secretary) staffed table with additional assistance from comrades Ace Madjlesi and Bennett Foster. Conference attendees showed a good deal of interest in the Socialist Party, our upcoming activities, our principles, and our platform. We had many discussions with a wide range of people over the two day conference, with many people taking the literature we provided and signing up for the Memphis Socialist Party’s email list.
Three local comrades also presented workshops at this year’s Gandhi-King Conference. Comrade Brooke Shannon presented the “Labor Liberation Workshop”: “The Labor Liberation Workshop is a training for anyone interested in the labor movement, oppression, and social justice! This training helps us identify as a part of the movement for justice through labor history, our own experiences with labor and unions, and it teaches us how we can work together to end oppression.”

Comrades Bennett Foster and Paul Garner presented “A Practical Guide to Grassroots Organizing”: “Developing organizations that have the politics, skills and confidence to confront and take power requires more than mobilization. We’re all ready for action but, how do we build and sustain a membership that has the tools and internal structure to take strategic action? Where do people go when there is no union? Join Mid-South Peace & Justice Center Organizing Coordinators, Bennett Foster and Paul Garner as they share your experiences and lessons learned in organizing with directly affected populations.”



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