The Greater Philadelphia Socialist Party attended the vigil hosted by the Brandywine Peace Community outside of Horsham Air Guard Station on March 28
2015, with members David Reppert and Marc Train in attendance. Around 30 demonstrators, some who had come in from the Harrisburg area, read off the
names of several young victims of military drone strikes from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere that has born the brunt of senseless US military aggression, with no regard for innocent lives lost.
As the likelihood of the full integration of a Drone War Command Center at Horsham Air Guard Station approaches, the messaging of the vigil has shifted towards directly addressing those who may be involved in its operations to reconsider the ramifications of their participation in drone strikes.

The vigil is planned to be an ongoing campaign, to be held every last Saturday of the month. The Greater Philadelphia Socialist Party is currently discussing issuing a formal endorsement of the campaign.


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