Socialist Party members (as individuals and as part of Locals) took part in pickets outside of WalMart this "Black Friday". 

Albany- Members took part in the Black Friday actions in Glenmont, NY. Dan K joined about 100 labor activists there.

Members took part in the Cicero, IL Action/ From Art Kazar "I wore my SP button and met a fellow IWW member. 28F-30F which isn't bad, but it was windy. Stood at the south entrance/exit to Walmart for about 50 minutes."

Dallas–Fort Worth Metro, TX - SPers participated in the Gran Prarie action. Marjorie S. reported "150 came out in total, incl several striking workers in this particular Walfart"

Philadelphia- Members participated in the Walmart protest at the "Black Friday Block Party"  for fair wages.  David R. reporte dthat "Activities included chanting, handling out leaflets, and marching around the parking lots of several stores."



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