November the SoCal regional CASU group met to report  back from committees such as Education and Outreach, and Media and  Communications, offer each other support, and plan for the regional  conference in February 2013. Northern California is doing the same, the  end goal being a statewide conference later in the year to follow up the save CCSF conference that took place in San Francisco earlier this  year. Next planning meeting will take place December 22!

A few SP members, also students, are participating in the effort to  fight against things like AB955. Earvin Chavez, new to the gang, said, “I believe the California Student  Union is a simple yet powerful idea. If this idea is transformed into  concentrated action, it will produce tangible benefits for the  California student body. This concentrated action is what I felt at the  first meeting I attended. It is inspiring to witness mutual struggle; to see students who are organizing to combat injustice within education.

One example that displays the organizational skills of CASU is its  committees. Students can join a colorful range of committees such as  Outreach, Research, and Communications. I joined the Research committee  since I enjoy conducting research. Furthermore, CASU frequently holds  meetings to update members, and nonmembers alike on upcoming activities. Jose—a member of CASU— and I plan on distributing flyers to students at Cypress College for the purpose of raising awareness about CASU. This  is just the first step towards making an impact on education for me, and I plan on taking more to realize this powerful idea.



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