On June 29th, the Socialist Party of Monmouth and Ocean Counties participated in two local protests, both of which the SPMOC is committed to remaining involved in.

First, the SPMOC took part in an anti-war protest outside of Fort Monmouth, a former military base. The weekly protest has been on-going for over a decade, outliving its counter-protest across the street. Socialist Party members held signs that read "No More Capitalist Wars!" and "Fight Racism and Pollution, not Iraq and Iran!"

Then, the SPMOC took part in a protest outside of a former Exxon station in Neptune, NJ. The site is slated for construction by Wawa into a gas station and convenience store, despite heavy contamination with benzene, toluene, and xylene, to name a few. Contamination from this site will be spread into neighboring, working class communities. Several local activists also participated, along with Carol Gay, President of the NJ Industrial Union Council. Socialist Party members held signs that read "Clean this Toxic Mess", "Smell the Problem?", and "No to Pollution, Yes to Revolution!"?

Present at both protests was Socialist Party of New Jersey (write-in) gubernatorial candidate Maynor Moreno, who also serves as Chairperson of the SPMOC.



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