Members of the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local participated in the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition annual retreat at the historic Southern California Library on Vermont in L.A. Goals and strategies to expand the fight against LAPD oppression were established for the upcoming year. New relationships were established, existing relationships were strengthened...
Indianapolis local chairwoman Audrey Bee attended a demonstration (organized by Indiana Palestine Solidarity) to call for the liberation of
Palestine and the end of Israel apartheid.
Everyone marched, chants where given, activist publicly spoke and Palestinian flags where waved to show solidarity with the Palestinian people against the white supremacist and colonialist Israeli state apparatus.
In June, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) urged officials in almost 100 municipalities to end their contracts with the company, Judicial Correction Services (JCS). The letter from the SPLC warned that the contracts are illegal and that the tactics used by JCS to collect fines can amount to extortion. Some of the Alabama municipalities had already severed ties with the company without the SPLC’s urging.
Monroeville was in receipt of that letter in June. In September SPUSA members in Alabama contacted the SPLC about what Monroeville's response was. Mr. Brooke informed me via email that the Mayor called them in July and asked for a month to respond. August passed with no response as did September. We drafted a letter to Monroeville Mayor Mark Kennedy, Monday, demanding the city terminate its contract with the private probation company, JCS. Today I received an email from Mr. Brooke of the SPLC that the city is terminating its contract.

The Following is the email Sam Brooke of the SPLC sent me today.

FYI, we just learned that Monroeville has decided to cancel their contract with JCS. They will be sending a letter soon, and giving JCS 30 days’ notice. So it should be fully ended next month.

FYI, if you want to see what other towns are doing, you can look at a map we are using to track this progress.

Sam Brooke
Deputy Legal Director
Southern Poverty Law
As part of the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, members of the Socialist Party Los Angeles participated in the Peoples' Truth Roundtable event at LAPD Headquarters in Los Angeles.

About the event (from the event organizers): "We are having this event because by design and purpose, the Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners continue failing to acknowledge and address police violence, the war on youth, the growing architecture of surveillance, spying and infiltration, and the over-saturation of police in the Downtown Skid Row community. Time and time again, members of the community have presented their case to the LA Police Commission, expecting investigations, accountability, and exposure of these structural problems impacting our communities. Most recently, to further silence the community, LA Police Commission issued an administrative order to ban the public from the LA Board of Police Commissioners meetings, if the community becomes "disruptive." Ironically, the LA Police Commissioners have given themselves the sole power to decide what constitutes public disruption. This is the antithesis of the purpose of the Police commission. The Police Commission is suppose to be the voice of the community. However, there has been no attempt by the Commissioners to reach out in any meaningful way to the individuals present at these meetings. Instead, the community, is being painted as individuals who are unruly and disrespectful.

At the People's Truth Roundtable, we will hold a space for impacted communities to provide testimony, research and analysis, and solutions on addressing the impact of state violence and the failure of the Police Commission. The community will demonstrate what it means to listen, understand and take action on people's issues.

People’s Agenda – Public Input Matters
i. Testimonies - Families and individuals who have been directly impacted by police violence
ii. Growing architecture Surveillance/Spying/Infiltration
iii. War on Youth - Gang Databases, Gang Injunctions/School to Jail Track
iv. Oversaturated Policing - Safer Cities Initiative in Downtown Skid Row community"