Socialist Party members attended and participated at the San Jose and Philadelphia US Social Forum events. Party members participated in workshops, marches/actions and distributed hundreds of pamphlets and reached out to even more activists at the successful events. 

The Memphis Socialist Party had its June General Meeting on Juneteenth at the Washington Bottoms Community Garden, a project by the *Homeless Organizing for Power* *and Equality* (H.O.P.E.) group and local residents. This was a combination cookout and potluck and we ended up having some really delicious food! We grilled (beef and veggie) hot dogs and corn on the cob and people also brought chips, potato salad, fruit salad, sodas, and carrot cake. The weather forecast was not favorable on Friday, so we
were worried there would be little to no attendance. However, about a dozen non-MSP members came out to eat and talk. We did have a couple downpours in the two hours we were there, but no one left. Everyone just squeezed in closer under the canopy and continued their conversations.

There were many interesting and informative discussions on a variety of socialist ideas and global, national and local issues. There was a lot of interest in what the MSP had been doing this year and most attendees signed up for our email list. Many wanted to know how they could help and/or get involved in local issues. Two people even decided they wanted to join the SPUSA! Despite the weather, everyone seemed to have a good time and there was a real sense of community. The Memphis Socialist Party will definitely be having more events like this in the future!

Thank you to everyone that braved the weather to join us! Thank you to everyone that brought such tasty food! And a special thank you to the Washington Bottoms Community Garden for letting us use their wonderful green space!

The MSP's next event will be a Red Hot Soul Dance Party on July 25, 2015. More details will be released via email and social media in a couple weeks.

The Indianapolis Socialist Party had a great time at Indy Pride this year. We had a rotation of around six members at our table throughout the event, handing out literature and engaging people in discussion. People seemed very responsive to our table, freely taking literature and signing up for our mailing list.

-We had for the first time some LGBT specific literature, outlining our local’s position on state and national issues related to the LGBT community.
-We made a lot of new contacts (and hopefully a lot of new comrades)
-Young people in particular seemed to take interest in what we were promoting
-Members of Transylvanian Lip Treatment (the Indianapolis Rocky Horror Shadow Cast) came by to hang out with us

The Central New Jersey Socialist Party had a fantastic tabling at Jersey Pride in Asbury Park, NJ! 
We had a solid turnout of five SPers, including Greg Pason from the Northern NJ Local. ‪
-Sold a few t-shirts and buttons for the national party
-One of the Green State Assembly candidates let us borrow his tent for the day
-Several new contacts in the Central NJ area
-Handed out pamphlets and magazines (ran out of pamphlets!)
-Only one bizarre conversation (new record for a SP tabling)
On June 3rd, the Los Angeles City Human Relations Commission held a meeting on the LAPD’s use of force and racial profiling. The facility was packed, wall-to-wall. Community members were given little time to address the HRC, and roughly three-quarters of the way through the meeting, the twenty foot space separating the attendees from the HRC was taken over by the community, paving the way for a free-flowing discussion. Three members of the Human Relations Commission stayed to hear stories of life under LAPD rule. This was the first in a series of meetings the HRC is holding with the city of Los Angeles.
Folks from the Socialist Party Los Angeles Local and Socialist Party Ventura Local, Socialist Alternative, the IWW, Solidarity, the DSA, the L.A. Red Guards, the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition, LRNA, the Converging Storms Climate Action Network, Jacobin, and unaffiliated friends got together at the Angel City Brewery in Los Angeles on May 30th to build and strengthen relationships. A possible future Radical Ruckus camping trip was discussed!